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Here are some of the reasons many bar, club, restaurant, casino, hotel, stadium and many other venue owners rely on liquor control systems to help control costs, improve profitability and make informed bar management decisions.

Access Control

  • All bar side liquor bottles have pourer with tamper-proof seals

  • All liquor dispensed through a Laser gun is secured in a locked room

  • All beer dispensed through Berg’s TAP2TM controlled dispensing faucet is secured in a locked cooler


  • Records every drink poured

  • Eliminates give-aways and potential shrinkage

  • Prevents unauthorized pouring at any time

  • Liquor and beer inventory are secured, so nothing is dispensed without being recorded

Liquor Portion Control

  • Consistent pours result in consistent drinks and cocktails

  • Increased customer satisfaction and repeat customers

  • Reduced losses from spillage and over pouring


  • Increase profits by controlling costs. Use the loss calculators to see how much you may be losing!

  • A 1/4 ounce overpour on a one ounce shot can increase your liquor cost by 25% per drink!

  • The ability to pour quickly with a liquor control system increases server’s efficiency and more pours means increased profits

  • Consistent drinks and more pours equal increased profits and tips, based upon a percentage of sales.

We help you select and customize the right system for your operation, we provide installation, training, support and service, we advise on the handling of supply orders, we listen to your needs and suggestions

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