POS System Restaurant Manager
POS that Fits the Way you do Business

Loyalty Club

 Combine built-in promotion and coupon capabilities to provide a truly robust program that will bring back existing customers and deliver new customers to your table service establishment.

Online Business 

 If your business isn’t online today, you are losing sales. Period. Generate new revenue streams,provide your customers with an easy and convenient way to place orders and increase sales while reducing labor costs. Eliminate ordering errors due to miscommunication, reducing both waste and costs.

Inventory Control

 Save thousands of dollars and eliminate theft and waste by tracking inventory depletion, especially high-dollar items like steaks and lobster that are

often the target of internal theft. Get real-time stock and item counts from any POS station.

Create Staff Schedules Instantly

The food service industry workforce is notorious for its high rates of turnover and part-time workers with limited availability. Managing this workforce to fit the ebb and flow of the restaurant business on a daily, weekly, and seasonal basis has always been one of the biggest headaches faced by managers and business owners alike. Restaurant Manager’s employee scheduling tool makes it easy to control payroll expenses, manage employee’s time, and create schedules that meet your staffing requirements and your team’s availability.

Why Choose RM Loyalty?

 RM Loyalty is a fully automated loyalty module that seamlessly integrates with Restaurant Manager POS and the latest mobile technology. Easy to use and manage, RM Loyalty will help you accurately monitor the monetary gain from your marketing efforts, so that you can tailor your efforts as need be. By leveraging your current POS investment, RM Loyalty produces unparalleled results at an affordable price.

Increase Profit Margins by Reducing Your Costs



Increase Profit Margins by Reducing Your Costs An effective inventory system contributes to your bottom line. Beyond just tracking inventory depletion, Restaurant Manager’s™ Inventory Control module gives you a detailed understanding of consumption so you can implement procedures that eliminate theft and waste. The Inventory Control module also includes a basic, easy to configure Stock Counter mode that provides many of the benefits of full-blown Inventory Control without all the set-up work.


Gift Cards


Sales of gift cards and gift certificates can have a significant impact on revenues, especially considering that redemption rates run as low as 60%. Gift cards also boost name recognition and repeat visits. The Restaurant Manager™ Gift Cards and Accounts module is a powerful solution that not only manages the sales and redemption of gift cards and certificates but also allows you to establish and maintain customer accounts.

The table management capability can be complimented with Restaurant Manager’s optional Reservations module to create a total solution for managing service, waiting lists and reservations. The Reservations module’s easy-touse design allows quick navigation between booking dates, changes in reservation times, guest counts and even seat bookings. Tables can be assigned to particular sections and seating capacity can be pre-defined.